Friday, 1 January 2016

Happy New Year 2016


Happy New Year

Okay, so Ill admit it, I have been away for a very long time. I just had a look back and noticed that I only posted once last year (gasp).  To be honest, I kinda lost my mojo and wasn't really interested in creating any more content for this blog. But since this is a new year, I thought that I may as well give it another shot.  I am going to aim, note I said post at least once a month.  For me that is a realistic goal, it is achievable, and if I manage to do more than that, its a bonus right?

So lets start with a brief recap of last year. I was toying with the idea of going natural and decided to do a year or protective styling whilst i made a decision.  I tried plenty of styles throughout the year mainly braids and crochet.  My last relaxer was in October 2014 and so at this moment I am 14 months post relaxer.  Now, let me be real with you; despite my hair being in protective styles for the most of the year, managing the two textures has been a sure struggle.  I have very thick hair, it is very coarse and very tightly coiled.  I am pretty sure I have 4c hair.  So when I wash my hair, I have to be very gentle, so as not to completely break my relaxed ends. But, despite this, I am still persevering with this journey.

I have recorded snippets of the journey, but I do not have the motivation or the software to put together a decent video, so it will remain until I find a time to do anything about it. Soz

To be honest, I haven't given my hair goals for this year much thought.  I know that I would like to continue to grow my hair and to use protective styles.  I don't know if or when I will cut off my relaxed ends, but i am/hoping that my hair will get easier to manage.

1. Create and upload a blog post at least monthly
2. Use protective styles
3. Take hair vitamins
4. Moisturise hair daily
5. Deep condition hair monthly

This is a hastily put together post, so i will have to plan better for the future, but for now, in the words of my friend `done is better than perfect`.

For now,
Blessings all over you.


What do you think?

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