Weight Loss

Since I'm creeping up to my third decade, it seems as though loosing weight has become more of a struggle for me :(.  I weigh about 140lbs and I am 5'3.  Now i know that this is not too bad, but according to the BMI Scale, I am borderline between healthy and overweight.  I would like to get down to between 120-125lbs. So 20lbs to loose, let's see how I get on! I have started the Carol Vorderman detox now. This is an eating plan where I can't eat any meat, chicken, dairy, refined carbs like white bread and white rice. I also can't have any sugar or salt, so I. My diet mainly consists of loads of fruit and veg, beans and pulses, nuts, and blown whole grain rice. But you can eat as much as you like. I have been doing it since 1.10.12 and plan to finish on 31.10.12

I weigh 145lbs now - that is ridiculous!!!!  I am not impressed.  I have put together a plan to get this weight off

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