Pre Hair Journey

Below are a few pics of my hair before I began my hair journey.  You will notice that the pictures aren't specifically focused on the hair, because i was not trying to grow my hair at that point, but I have tried to pick out the pictures that best show my hair and what I thought was it's terminal length.

In School 1998 - relaxed and shorter than ever!
Whilst at uni, I had a bad experience with a relaxer.  My hairdresser left it on for too long, it was so painful when she washed it out and over the next few weeks, my hair began to shed, and scabs began to form.  I remember my hair sticking to the sides of my hair INSIDE the scabs!  I decided then, that I was not going to relax.  I didn't know anything about transitioning, I was just so emotionally scarred that I didn't want it on my hair anymore.  I still wanted straight hair so I just chose to hot comb my natural hair and gradually cut off the relaxed ends.

May 2005 - Natural but flat ironed
Feb 2006 - natural but flat ironed
Flat ironed 2007 
May 2007 - Flat ironed but super duper dry! OMG
August 2009

August 2009 - Natural but Hot Combed
As you can see, my hair never really went beyond shoulder length.  After flat ironing my hair for about 5 years, I decided to go back to being relaxed.
Feb 2010 I think - Relaxed

And in June 2010 - My healthy hair journey began...

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