Hair Terms

So I thought I'd list a few of the acronyms that I know are well used in the world of hair care.  I have tried to list them alphabetically too for ease of reference.  This is by no means an exhaustive list, but hopefully a useful starting point.  I'll add to it as I remember unlisted ones.  Feel free to add your suggestions/corrections. HHJ x

APL  -   Arm Pit Length
BSL  -   Bra Strap Length
BTR  -  Black Tea Rinse
CON  -  Cream of Nature
DC  -    Deep Condition
EL    -   Ear Length
EVCO  -  Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
EVOO  -  Extra Virgin Olive Oil
GHE    -   Green House Effect
HE   -    Herbal Essences
HHJ  -    Happy Hair Journey
HL    -    Hip Length
HTH  -   Hope This Helps
MBL -   Mid Back Length  (my personal goal)
M&S -   Moisturise and Seal
NL     -   Neck Length
ORS  -  Organic Root Stimulator
PPO  -   Peppermint Oil
SL   -   Shoulder Length
WL    - Waist Length

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