Progress Pictures

So below are a few pictures of my hair journey from the beginning in 2010 documenting my progress to date.

My Starting Point June 2010 - air-dried

July 2010 - air-dried
December 2010 - air-drying
May 2011 - flat ironed
Nov 2011 - Relaxer Day - ORS - flat ironed

Feb 2012 - Relaxer Day - ORS - flat ironed

May 2012 - fresh relaxer - Optimum Care


This update is from Sept 15 2012 (fresh relaxer). I have to say goodbye to my green t-shirt and only use my white one.  Please see this post for the reasons.

I flat Ironed my hair at the end of October 2012 and did a trim

Hair freshly dyed and straightened


  1. I love your blog sel! :) Keep it up... I will follow in your footsteps!! Money has been tight, but will buy my products and get protective styling!! whoop whoop!!! - THIS STRAIGHTENING HAS GOT TO STOP!!! *sigh*

    1. Aww thanks. I'll be looking to you to improve the graphics at some point. Could do with your expertise.

  2. you've made great progresses!
    can't wait till my hair will reach those lenghts.
    keep up the good work, naddy!


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