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Here I list a number of things that I believe are instrumental to hair growth, well my hair growth.  I am not very diligent in my water consumption and I am trying to do better, but I still advocate it as a contributing factor to healthy hair.  I am relaxed, but I believe that these practices transcend hair types. Try and see how it works out for you.


1.  Wash hair and deep condition regularly (say once a week)
2.  Minimise heat used on your hair (air dry, minimise flat iron use)
3.  Low manipulation - don't comb your hair through everyday!
4.  Moisturise and seal regularly - as needed (listen to your hair)
5.  Stretch relaxers - wait at least 10 weeks between chemical services
6.  Protective styling (braids, wigs, weave, cornrows, buns, extensions)
7.  Be gentle with your hair
8.  Drink plenty of water, good for the body and hair

Hope this helps

Naddy x

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