Friday, 5 October 2012

Maybe air-drying isn't for me?

Air dried hair at 1 week post

I am seriously considering whether air-drying is the right method for me.  I co-washed my hair on Wednesday night and then went to bed with my hair in a bun after applying my leave in conditioner.  The next morning my hair was not dry so I let it out at work so that it could dry fully, but my hair was just a big bush.  Similar to my last wash day (see the pic):

Last night I added my Shea butter mix and really smoothed it through in an attempt to tame my hair.  I then put it into 4 cornrows, smoothing it all throughout the process. I am hoping that this will help help it smooth out.  But whilst I was cornrowing my hair, it was so tangled, not at the roots (because I am 2 weeks post, and I used the scarf method) but from about 4 inches, right to the end of my hair it is so tangled, and almost 'sticks' to each other like barbed wire, unwilling to separate!

I have thought of  a few reasons why my hair is so tangled and listed them below:
- It may be because my hair is under-processed/texlaxed in places
- It may be because I didn't t-shirt dry this time
- It may be because I haven't found the right leave in conditioner/products
- It may be because I didn't fully de-tangle in the shower
- It may be because my hair is damaged (but I don't want to believe this one!)
- It may be because I didn't DC this time
- It may simply be that my hair does not respond well to air-drying!

I was reading Hairlista and think that roller setting may be the best way to avoid these tangles. But it is something that I find too time consuming, and a practice I have failed to master.  I could also try blow drying on a cool temperature, or doing flexi rods and sitting under the dryer.  Does anyone have any alternative solutions?  If not, I think my next wash day will be a roller set day (deep sigh).

Naddy x


  1. Give the roller set a try. I've also noticed air drying may not be my hair's favourite!lol. Your hair is gorgeous...

    1. Hey Ghanaian Emprezz, I will reluctantly try the rollersetting! lol. Thanks x


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