Saturday, 26 May 2012

Relaxer Day - May 2012

I finally did it on Thursday 24.05.12 I relaxed my hair - whoop whoop!  It was a little unplanned, I called my friend and asked her to do it for me on the spur of the moment.  She was reluctant because she didn't want to do anything wrong - but I took that as a good sign, meaning that she would be even more careful and not be 'gung-ho' about it.  Despite her reluctance I think she did a really good job.

Two weeks before I planned to relax I washed my hair and did the ApHogee 2 step treatment to build up the strength in my hair prior to a chemical service. About 12 days later I was desperate to relax my hair but had no one to do it so I washed and blow dried my hair.  I haven't blow dried in since my last relaxer 4 months ago.

This time I used the Optimum Care Relaxer and I really liked this one.  My hair did get a bit tangled when I put the final thing in, I think it is called the leave-in, but this may be the way it was applied, or because I used too much.  However I am not put off I will try it again on my next relaxer day.  I will relax at 3 months post next time I think (So maybe the end of August), 4 months is just a bit too long of a stretch as my hair becomes unmanageable.

Now my hair is relaxed it is soo much more obvious that I need a trim, but I don't want the hairdresser to be scissor happy and cut off all my hard work.  What do I do?  Anyway, I am closer to my goal, I am grazing BSL and grazing line no. 6 on the hair length t-shirts.


My goal is to be full MBL or line no.9 on the length check t-shirt.  I am pleased with my progress because I am on my way there.  I think that I have about 18 months of growing left to get there.  It has taken me 2 years to get from shoulder length to here, so I think that is about right.

In preparation for bed I wrapped my hair to see if I could get some body in the morning, didn't really work for me though.  My hair is so limp when it is freshly relaxed.  I recon that when I wash in a week, I will have the body back.  Not least because I won't be blow drying or flat ironing my hair.  Or I could try a roller set - yeah right, pull the other one.  LOL.

PS.  My sister saw my hair the next day and asked me if I had a piece in my hair - when I proudly declared that it was my own hair, she said it looks like weave.  I quickly retorted - who would get a weave this bad!  IMO the ends look awful and need trimming.  Plus when my mum saw my hair, she said I look like a white girl! I was not offended, I was just shocked. I guess I have got to expect this kind of thing.

Anyway, if you are interested in how I will be styling my hair, please let me know.  Enjoy your day

Blessings x


  1. Your friend did a great job with the relaxer!!! Your hair looks great too :)

  2. Aww thanks :D, Yeah, she did well - I will prob use her again. Thanks.

  3. Am also in London and Iv jus relaxed my hair, its shoulder length at da following a hair book by a lady who has mid back length ( if not longer) relaxed hair....its a brilliant book. Your hair looks so healthy.

    1. I wish you all the best in your hair journey, just be patient and listen to your hair, and you will see results.


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