Friday, 18 May 2012


So I had my hair in braids for about 4 weeks, and it was looking rough so I decided to take 'em all out.  So On Saturday 5/05/12 I took out my braids and washed my hair.  This was a mess, because I had newgrowth and the demakation line was just messing with my emotions!  I waited a week and decided to do the aPHogee 2 step protein treatment on Tuesday 15/05/12 in time for my relaxer at the end of May.  I decided then to blow out my hair in order to make the application process for relaxing a lot more straight forward.  I don't usually blow dry my hair, but my roots were really tangled and craving a blow dry.  Here is a look at my hair blowdried.  I will update you with the relaxer pics and length check when I relax next weekend.

I have been moisturising each night with s-curl and sealing with grapeseed oil (I have run out of my beloved olive oil).  During the day I have been wearing it in buns and that's it really.  I oil my scalp every couple of days or as needed and massage in the oil.

I won't wash my hair again now until I relax, this will mean I have waited 11 days to relax my hair after the last wash.  I will be sure to come back with an update.


  1. Beautiful hair! ^.^ Can't wait to see the relaxer update.

  2. Thanks hun, I will be sure to keep you posted!

  3. Pony looks great! Even if it is a little tangled lol..... Do you think you got some good growth from the braids? I'm still thinking i want some for the summer....

  4. I know right! I just couldn't be bothered to take another picture with my hair all smoothed out. I def got growth from the braids. I think braids really does grow my hair, even though I only had it in for 4 weeks, I can notice the growth, the only thing is, I really need a trim and will probably have to cut off all the growth in order to tidy up my ends - I just have to keep telling myself that it will grow back. I say get the braids.

  5. Your hair looks great,very thick:)

  6. Oh thank you so much. I am on a mission. I hope to reach mid back length some day.


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