Sunday, 16 September 2012

Goodbye t-shirt

Well, it seems I am going to have to wave a fond farewell to my homemade length check t-shirt.  I made it at the very start of my journey over two years ago, but I made two mistakes...

1. I used stretchy material
2. The lines were not straight

For these reasons I don't think that I can use it as an accurate guide any more.  But fear not! I have already bought, and started to use my justgrowalready length check t-shirt, which is far more accurate.  So here is a comparison pic of my t-shirt vs an official one (and a scalp shot!).  From here on out, I will only be using my Just Grow Already t-shirt.

So please say goodbye to my green t-shirt, and hello to my white one!


  1. Great blog! I have nominated you for an award on my blog!

    1. Thanks! I'll head on over to check out your blog too!


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