Friday, 28 December 2012

Liebster Award/Tag

I was nominated by Jenna of The Jen Chronicles to do this post. Thanks Jenna! Here goes...

1. Post 11 random things about yourself (optional)
2. Answer the 11 questions from the blogger who nominated you
3. Tag 11 people

1. 11 Random things about me
1. I just finished a 500ml tub of 'Nutty For Caramel' Ice cream
2. I didn't go to bed till 3am, because I thought it would be a good idea to re-organise my room - go figure!
3. My dad just asked to borrow a pot!
4. I have an impressive but also rather boring but useful collection of plastic bags.
5. I have no brothers
6. I just celebrated my birthday - whoop whoop
7. I sometimes wish I was natural and consider just cutting off my hair and starting again (then I wake up)
8. I love Praise and Worship music
9. I do a pretty mean Macaroni Cheese
10. I wish I was 20lb lighter
11. My favourite colour is green.

2. The 11 Questions
1. What is your favourite food? Ice Cream, and Pizza
2. What are you doing for New Years? Gonna spend it at church
3. What is your shoe size? 7
4. What style is your hair currently in? Well as i type, i am sitting under the hooded dryer, coming close to the end of my wash day, so at the moment it is in rollers.
5. What is your absolute favourite deep conditioner? To be honest, I don't think I have found one yet.  I have been on my hair journey for over 2 years, and I'm still trying to figure that one out.
6. Chocolate or vanilla? Vanilla Ice Cream, but Chocolate cake - is that cheating lol
7. How often do you exercise? Well I walk to my car every day, and there are stairs in my house, does that count?
8. What is your favourite cereal?  Hands down Honey Nut Shredded Wheat.
9. Last Movie you saw? - Madagascar 3D with my niece
10. Did you get your flu shot this year? No, never have, it's only free on the NHS if you are elderly or have a weak immune system or asthma.  Since I don't fall into any of these categories, that count's me out
11.  Why did you start blogging?  Well that's simple, to track my hair progress and share it with anyone who wants to see.

3. Nominations
Most people that I follow have already been tagged but I also nominate
Mary's Hair Obsession
The Hatter's Hair
Special K
Blutiful Blaq Hair
Fancy Flair Lady
I am that Chica

My 11 questions
1. What is your hair goal length
2. What was your worst set back
3. Favourite Hair product
4. The last thing that made you laugh
5. Last holiday you took
6. One goal you have for 2013
7. Do you drive?
8. What did you have for lunch?
9. Favourite YouTuber?
10. Go-to hairstyle?
11. Would you ever get locks?


  1. Hi Nadine!!! Thank you so much for the nomination!!!!

  2. Thanks for filling out the tag! Happy holidays :o)

  3. I like your responses, especially your reason for blogging. Btw, I didn't get the flu shot (and I wouldn't get it if it was free either).

    Thank you for the nomination, Nadine. I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to answer your questions here because I've done this tag already. :)

    1. What is your hair goal length?
    Hip Length

    2. What was your worst set back?
    I had a lot of breakage when I started relaxing my hair myself at first. My bone straight hair and my newly "relaxed" texture created a second line of demarcation for me and I didn't realize. I was too rough with my hair and because it was the back half of my head I didn't see it until it was too late. I've been trimming that away for a while now. But I think the majority of it has been taken care of now.

    3. Favourite Hair product?
    Chi Silk Infusion. Some people say that it smells like men's cologne, I agree. But I don't mind it at all.

    4. The last thing that made you laugh?
    Probably something on television.

    5. Last holiday you took?
    Last October, I went to Mexico.

    6. One goal you have for 2013?
    Waist Length Hair.

    7. Do you drive?
    Yup, since I was 16.

    8. What did you have for lunch?
    Red velvet cake...shameful, I know. :(

    9. Favourite YouTuber?

    10. Go-to hairstyle?
    A Bun.

    11. Would you ever get locks?
    I never say never. But I don't see it happening in the foreseeable future.


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