Monday, 27 May 2013

Raging Red and Wild Cherry

I have taken some pictures of my hair in natural sunlight to show the colour that my hair reaches when dyed with a semi-permanent dye.  I used a combination of Raging Red and Wild Cherry by Adore.  I always use this particular brand as it offers the colour that I want and produces a vibrant wearable colour.  I dyed my hair on relaxer day, then went to the hairdressers (for the first time since my hair journey began almost 3 years ago) one week later where my hair was blow dried and lightly flat ironed, and my hair trimmed and re-shaped.


  1. Love the colour, it's so pretty x

  2. Your hair came out beautiful. Looks very healthy!

    1. Thank you. That's courtesy of a well needed trim by a hairdresser. I just love blunt ends!

  3. *Swoons* I love your color! It definitely suits you.


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