Wednesday, 29 May 2013

She asked to touch my hair!

Those of you who follow my blog will know that I recently went to the hairdressers for the first time in my hair journey.  I love the results.  The other day, I was in a hair shop, looking for products - as you do, and a lady in the shop came up to me and this is how the conversation went...

Lady - Excuse me, is that your hair?
Me - Yeah
Lady - Are you sure?
Me - Yeah
Lady - Can I touch it? Just the ends
Me - Er...okay
Lady touches my hair
Lady - Oh yeah, it is real
Me - Yeah
Lady - Is there anything special that you do to your hair?
Me - No, not really
Lady - Does the dye damage your hair?
Me - No, cos I use a semi permanent colour
Lady - You have nice hair
Me - Thanks
And with that I continued with my purchases.

Now, since I have been on this hair journey, I have seen blog posts and YouTube videos where women recount stories of when they have had similar experiences. This one was bitter sweet.  I was pleased that my hair looked in such a condition that she had to ask me if it was mine, but also taken aback that she did not believe that I was telling the truth until she touched it.  In any case, she was satisfied that it was hair grown from my scalp, and I was pleased that she believed me.


  1. Hahahaha! Take it as a compliment and keep up the good work!

    1. Yeah, that is the right attitude to have.

  2. it is a compliment but it is annoying... because people are so narrow minded that they can't believe black people can have beautiful hair lol

    Even if I were assuming it ain't somebody's real hair I would never ask the now famous "can I touch it" lool

    but yeah she's right though your hair is amazing !

    1. Yeah, I agree that it's a compliment, but I was so surprised as I did not expect her to ask to touch it!! On a lighter note, thank you for your lovely comment :D


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