Monday, 14 April 2014

Relaxer Update - February 2014

I know it's been a while, so I thought I'd provide an update, albeit a couple of months late! Oops.

I relaxed my hair on 23/02/2014, the first relaxer of the year.  To do this I used the ORS Relaxer.  I had purchased the Super one, and decided to add a conditioner to the relaxer to dilute it so it didn't process as fast.  I'm so glad I did this as it took me about 30 minutes to get through my whole head and to smooth.  I did time myself to make sure I didn't go over the time.  I was just too lazy to go through the long process of the half and half method, I just wanted it all done as quick as possible.  This is not normally a good thing, as when I rush, I often make mistakes, but thankfully, there were no mistakes this time.

After rinsing out the relaxer I towel dried and added the dye to my hair as normal.  I then put on the plastic cap for 20 minutes and processed with heat before I rinsed and air dried.  Here are a few pictures.

My hair sectioned prior to applying the relaxer
Ponytail airdried

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  1. Hi....I posted on ur u tube channel about how u got this gorgeous red colour but wasn't sure if up c it , so am posting ere too. Plz can u tell me da steps u took to get da colour bright etc. Thks


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