Thursday, 13 November 2014

Insanity Week 1

Week 1

It arrived last week, so I gave myself the rest of the week to relax and enjoy eating the junk that I love to eat so much. On Sunday night I enjoyed a delicious Daim bar. I still have the wrapper as a reminder. Monday was the day I began Insanity.

To add some context, I've never been hugely overweight, but as a woman, I've exercised my perogative to never be happy with my weight. I'm a self confessed yo-yo dieter slash, yo-yo exerciser! I'll spend a few months eating really well and working out, then I'll have a rest day that turns into a week and before I know it, I'm back to eating junk. So what's different about this time? Everything I hope.

I've noticed that as I've gone up in years, so has my weight. Each year I seem to add a pound or two. Now, in isolation, it's not a big deal, but if I don't conquer this now, I'll be a stone heavier in 7 years. I'm not happy with that. So it's time to try something different.

I've been eyeing up the insanity workout for a while now, but never committed due to the cost.  Then I thought, 'ah blow it' and as I said, it arrived last week. I began with the fit test on Monday 10th November 2014. The fit test was a real wake up call. I've renamed it the 'unfit test'. I was panting and sweating within minutes of starting. Here are my results:

Switch Kicks 40
Power Jacks 44
Power Knees 77
Power Jumps 19
Globe Jumps 8
Suicide Jumps 12
Push-up Jacks 12
Low Plank Oblique 25

Start weight 148.8 lbs
Height 5'3

I am having trouble walking because my body is aching so much. This workout really pushes you. But I'm hoping for great results on day 60, which I have worked out to be 11th January 2015. My sister and one of my friends are doing it too. We'll keep each other motivated so we can all reach day 60 knowing that we did every workout, ate healthy and gave it our all. Let's do this!

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