Saturday, 10 March 2012

Heatless Length Check and Wash day!

My hair length t-shirt arrived! I got it from the shop at, I really wanted the green one, but that didn't come in the size I wanted :(  It says 'my hair is my hobby' and that is such a true statement for me.  I also got one for my sis who is natural, her's says 'loving my kinks, coils and curls' and is in red.  She is really pleased with it. My other sister want's one now, but I told her she has to be on a 'hair journey' otherwise it's a no-no.  We'll see whether she's committed!

I washed my hair today too.  This time I decided to omit the PPO to see if that was contributing to my itchy head.  So far - no itching, but I'll see how it goes throughout the week.  To start I mixed up ORS hair mayonnaise and EVOO, put that on my hair and put on a plastic cap, left it on for 30 mins whilst I fumbled around the house.

I washed it out and conditioned with HE Hello Hydration, then did the t-shirt drying method.  This pic on the right is with my hair dripping wet immediately after coming out of the shower.  I let it air-dry all day in a pony tail as I had to run some errands.  When I came home I put on my length check t-shirt to see what line my hair dries out at.  Sorry I didn't think to put on the length check t-shirt when my hair was wet, so this is not a very good comparison.

As you can see in both pics both dripping wet and bone dry, I suffer with very frizzy hair, I don't know what to do to lay down my cuticles.  I did do a black tea rinse last week, maybe I should make that part of my regime and see how that works out.

Till next time...

Naddy x

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