Sunday, 4 March 2012

My First Blog Post...EVER!


So I decided to start a blog!  I have been on a hair-care journey for about 20 months now, and although I am far from being an expert on hair-care, I thought I'd track my progress this way and share some info about what I have done to grow my hair.

It all began with Hairlista and since then I've been addicted.  I have had ups and downs, but my progress pictures remind me that it's all worth it.  I am 5'3 and my ultimate goal is to be Full Mid Back Length.  I hope to reach this by December 2013.

I started at shoulder length hair.  My hair had never grown beyond Full Shoulder length, so I was determined to retain my new-growth using the tips I learned from YouTube and Hairlista.  This was the first time I had ever air-dried my hair.  Back then, If I didn't have a blow-dryer, I simply would not wash my hair!!!  I soon learned.


This is the length of my hair following a relaxer.  Relaxed with ORS, blow dried and flat ironed by my friend.  I don't intend to relax again until my 2 year anniversary in June 2012 where I hope to be Bra Strap Length.  I have ordered a spread shirt and so I will be doing length checks in a more reliable t-shirt.

Yesterday 03/03/12 was wash day.  I deep conditioned with a mix that I saw fgrogan use in one of her videos but I adapted it slightly - ORS hair mayonnaise, Olive Oil and Peppermint oil.  I let that sit on my hair for 1 hour with a plastic cap and did a Tae-Bo work out (that really did heat up my hair).  Washed out the conditioner and shampooed my roots with Cream of Nature moisturising shampoo.  Then I did a black tea rinse and let that sit on my hair for about 10 mins, rinsed it out and conditioned with Herbal Essences (red).   Then did the t-shirt dry method a-la Sunshyne added Cantu shea butter leave in, and air dried with the scarf method also a-la Sunshyne.  Once fully dried, I added moisturiser and sealed.  Ready for another week!

I'll be back to update my hair adventures.  Till next time...

Naddy x


  1. Hi Naddy! I'm glad I found your blog because I recently began mine too! Congrats on making so much progress with your hair health. I'm currently at shoulder length and I hope to gain armpit length by the end of this year. Its really encouraging to know that other ladies have been determined (and successful!) in growing long relaxed hair. Looking forward to following you on your journey to gain mid back length. You can do it girl!

  2. Hey Marie,

    Thanks for joining me on my journey, lets see if we can help each other out on this hair growth voyage. With a good regime and you will reach your goal, I think the key is patience - hair does grow, we just need to retain the length. All the best. You can do it too!!

    Naddy x

  3. He Naddy. Like Marie, I just started my hair journey too. Your progress looks pretty impressive :) I'll be following your blog. I just started mine. Gonna incorporate what I can get my hands on here in Jamaica to my regimen.

    Exited to see your progress!

    1. Zaneta! Thanks for joining me on my journey, I'll be sure to keep you updated. I was recently (well last year) in Jamaica . That's where i got my Castor Oil and Coconut Oil too. Happy Healthy Growing x


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