Monday, 26 March 2012

Hair for the week

Well my last post was about how bored I was with my hair.  Yesterday was wash day and today was Church, so I had my hair in a side swept twist out that I turned into a textured side bun with rolled fringe - forgot to take a pic sorry!  But then I thought to myself, what can I do with my hair today so that it will last the week?  and then the answer came - The same hairstyle only in canerows.  Now I am not the greatest at canerowing and I know that I need practice, but after spending the best part of an hour on my hair, it better last me.  See below for some pics that I took close ups and the finished product.
Another view of unfinished style from back

Unfinished style - subject to change

Side with head band

Finished from back with head band

 Below are just a few closeups of the finished style.

And that's it!

Naddy x

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