Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Hair Doctor?

So yesterday, my colleague comes up to me and says 'I hear you're the hair doctor'.  I was like 'really? who told you that?'  So it seems that my manager, to whom I gave some haircare advice (when she asked), has told another colleague to come to me for hair care advice.  Now I don't really see myself as the 'hair doctor', but with all this information that is out here that I keep reading, I can say that I know a tiny bit more than some other people.  She was asking how to strengthen her hair as it keeps falling out, which I translated to breakage.  I suggested black tea rinse and castor oil and to keep her hair moisturised.  She says that she doesn't use heat on her hair and for now she has put her hair in braids.  She is a little reluctant to do the BTR.  What can you guys suggest?

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