Sunday, 15 April 2012

Braids, Braids, Long Braids

So, you will probably know that I am bored of my hair now, I have been saying so for quite some time, and I just spontaneously decided to put my hair in extensions.  I had a packet of Khanekelon (not too sure how to spell it) hair left over from some braids that I did some time ago.  On Bank Holiday Monday (09/04/2012), two days after my wash day, I decided to put in braids, waist length braids.  This took quite some time, I started at about 10.30am and was not finished at 7pm, but I had run out of hair.  I knew this would happen so I only left a section in the middle and put my hair into a bun so that I could go to work on Tuesday.  Below you can see a few pics whilst i was installing the braids

Right side braided in progress

Close up of left side braids

Better capture of back braids

So here are a few pics of my hair now that it is done and some styles I have worn too!

One large fat canerow

High Bun braids

High bun - parting pattern visible
To look after my hair, I spray it with a mixture of water, HE conditioner and olive oil - daily, sometimes twice a day, depending on how dry it is.  I also oil the scalp every few days or as needed.  I cover it every night with a scarf, and that's about it.  I'll probably do my first wash after 2-3 weeks.

I am planning on keeping my hair in for about 5-6 weeks, so that should take me to the middle of may.  I'll then do a protein treatment then relax at the end of May, followed by a well needed trim.  I'll be sure to update you.

Till next time
Naddy x


  1. I really like these braids, you make me want some again!! I had single braids installed back in 2009 and it was a really good protective style for me.... hmmm ideas.... Lol great post!

  2. Aww, thanks. It took an age to put in, but I'm glad it's in now - go ahead (so long as you have enough time to do it), you won't regret it!


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